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5O - Miss Osmond - supported by Mr French

5GJ - Mrs Green & Mrs Jones - supported by Mr Wood

5P - Mrs Potts - supported by Mrs Wallace



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Year 5


This term, your child will learn about what makes a good team and the art of successful leadership! During our thematic learning, the children will find out more about the creation of the Solar System as well as studying how the position of the Earth in the Solar System creates the phases of the moon. We shall delve into early space exploration, learning about the space race and then presenting our findings to the class. We hope to visit the Leicester Space Centre to gain an insight into space exploration through interactive workshops and the prestigious planetarium. We will look into different forces, with a particular focus on gravity. We will also discover more about animals, including humans, and look at why living things thrive on Earth. David Zinn will be the focus for our artwork as children learn to use chalk to create their own street art. In Music, children will learn about Holst with a particular focus on The Planet Suite.

In English, many writing opportunities will be created as the children delve into their own 'Class Reader' and other relevant texts. We will use this knowledge to write a journey story and a non-chronological report on a fictitious creature of their choice. later on in the term, we will look at creating a defeating the monster story and writing our own diary entries. Furthermore, we will learn about Winter Haikus in poetry and cover numerous texts during reciprocal reading, as well as poetry and playscripts.

The children will also be enjoying gymnastics, circuits and variety of invasion games (hockey and netball). Finally, the children will continue to enhance their fundamental physical skills through the REAL PE programme.

During the Autumn term, we will be studying many different aspects of maths. These will include arithmetic, place value, rapid recall of multiplication and division and formal written methods of all four functions.

For more detailed information about our curriculum this term, please see the Autumn Term Curriculum Letter below.

Spring Term 2021

Covid curriculum being followed


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