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Exclamation mark iconY4 CLASSES

4PJ - Mr Jones & Mrs Piper - supported by Mr Crawforth

4R - Miss Reynolds supported by Mrs Westmore

4B - Miss Bishop - supported by Mrs Brown, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Ware


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Year 4

Autumn Term 2019

Autumn term in year 4 is an exciting time! The children are now well established Key Stage Two-ers and have an exciting year ahead of them!

We start the year thinking about our Big Idea - Leadership. The children will look at what makes a good leader by studying local heroes and link their actions and attitudes to their own lives. The heroes include Antarctic explorer and artist Edward Wilson, legendary cricketer WG Grace, groundbreaking scientist Edward Jenner and biblical translator William Tyndale. Children will complete a range of activities, including....

  • Creating their own 'dream team' while thinking about what makes an effective team
  • Making their own Antarctic board games
  • Giving and following instructions effectively
  • Crack and translate codes
  • Southern Lights artwork
  • And much more!

Our theme sessions also include our science learning. This term we will be looking at:-

  • Changing states, solids, liquids and gases and the water cycle
  • Electrical circuits - building a Morse code machine.

When we're not considering 'Leadership', we will be covering other areas in sessions including PSHE, P4C and Computing. Our PSHE coverage this term looks at friendship and relationships, while our British Values work covers democracy. Within P4C (Philosphy for Children) enquiries, we will look at responsibility, leadership and friendly behaviours, all within a discussion framework - listening and responding to other children's thoughts and opinions and thinking about these big concepts. Our computing sessions focus on 'basic skills' - creating and editing Word and Powerpoint documents, amending font styles, sizes and colours, inserting pictures, formatting documents and setting up animations and transitions. This work will culminate in children producing polished pieces of work to show and share with their classmates. Alongside all of this learning, we also have weekly Music and French sessions, taught by our resident experts, Miss Bishop and Miss Reynolds respectively, as well as twice weekly PE lessons - this term covering agility, balance, coordination and invasion games.

Of course, a school day will also include the core subjects of English, Maths and Reading. Our English Learning Journey follows the Talk4Writing model, where we immerse ourselves in a text type, imitate it to learn the structure and features, innovate our own versions as a class with support, before independently applying our understanding on our own writing. Our English units this term cover narrative within 'Quest' and 'Defeating the Monster' stories (with focuses on description and 'setting the tone of a story') and non-fiction Information Texts.

Our daily Book Club sessions go hand in hand with our English - every week, children will spend one session reading with their teacher, one session completing comprehension questions and, one session working on inference with the support of a TA and one session 'Reading for Pleasure'.

We ask that children read books regularly, ideally daily, and ask that they complete their reading record to show what they have read. We have a reading scheme in Lower Key Stage 2, whereby Reading Points are awarded to children who read regularly, with a reward being provided at the end of term to encourage and motivate everyone to delve into books.

Our maths coverage this term includes looking at Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (both mental and written strategies), Fractions and Decimals, Position and Money. Daily class sessions are based on individual assessment of each child, so every pupil will have an individual learning journey, tailored to their needs. Alongside these sessions, weekly Basic Skills lessons allow children to practice their maths 'basics' and daily Maths Facts supports them with switching between areas of maths - for example, covering Roman Numerals or Calculating Area.

One BIG Year 4 target is being able to recall our Times Tables - we use Times Tables Rockstars website to practice this and would encourage you to promote this at home too - all children have their own login and password and should rock out as often as they can at home!

Spring Term 2020

We have an exciting term ahead of us, with a brand new topic, lots of learning and the York residential trip! Our theme this term is 'Law and Order'; we will be looking at the birth and growth of the Roman Empire and then making links, notably with law & order, to other areas of study, including in our own lives and society. We will continue to explore the Romans through their military and look at what they did for us. Children will find out about the everyday life of a family in Roman Britain with a focus on the rights of children, again making links to their own rights and responsibilities. We will also explore Roman Gods and how Roman words have influenced our language. At the end of the term we will be visiting York, which will allow us to consolidate some of our Roman learning and also be introduced to our next theme area, the Vikings.

Alongside our theme work, our maths lessons this term will focus on place value, time, fractions, decimals and percentages, shape and statistics.

In English we will be developing the children's ability to write 'warning' and 'wishing' stories with a focus on the use of speech. All of our texts will focus on vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling. We will have daily spelling sessions as well as weekly reading sessions.

In computing, we will focus on coding using the Sphero robots to create code to control physical objects.Children will build and assess algorithms, including looking at if/else commands and variables. We will also use both the Espresso coding website and 'unplugged' computing sessions to reinforce key computing concepts. Alongside this, our PSHCE sessions will look at e-safety within our digital world. We will have a visit from our local PCSO's to discuss internet safety as well.

The children will take part in real PE (with a focus on balance and coordination). They will also take part in Book Club and French sessions on a carousel as well as Forest School in the first term. Music will be taught once a week by Mrs Powell.




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