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Exclamation mark iconY4 CLASSES

4J - Mr Jones & Mrs Browne - supported by Mrs Westmore and Mrs Coleman (PPA Cover Mrs Gardiner)

4A - Mr Amarasinghe - supported by Mrs Burlow & Mrs Turner (PPA Cover Mr Holdaway)

4B - Miss Bishop - supported by Mrs Brown (PPA Cover Mr Holdaway)


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Year 4

Autumn Term 2018

NEWS ALERT! Bishop's Cleeve's Town Planning Department have been in touch - they're offering out the land next to Stoke Orchard rubbish tip for development! Year 4 don't think the tip should be extended - rather, the land would be better used as ...... A WONDERFUL ZOO!

Girl in classWe started our learning by designing a zoo, and then we became animal experts, looking at animal classification, habitats, food chains and adaptation; we even applied our knowledge and designed our own imaginary animal! We considered what defines a 'living' thing, and thought about MRS NERG (movement, respiration, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, reproduction and growth). We designed, moulded and painted clay fridge magnets to be sold in the zoo gift shop, and will soon develop our observational sketching skills by carefully drawing animal skulls, and will also create a homage to Durer's rhinoceros, using mark making techniques. We will also examine human teeth and the digestive systems, comparing them with animal's ones. Our Philosophy 4 Children sessions will focus on the wonder and awe of the natural world around us, filled with incredible and exciting things. Year 4 - the school's animal specialists!

 Alongside our work on animals, we will also need to consider what to do with the extra waste; after all, Cleeve is growing and producing more refuse! We will look closely at the recycling process, consider the pros and cons of landfill, and study the process of decomposition. We will carry out a school-wide audit of recycling, and make recommendations for different year groups as to how they could improve their recycling records. later in the term, we  will also create our own musical instruments from recycled materials, and compose a song based on nature. What a busy term!

Alongside our work on the zoo, we will be working hard across the curriculum.Children in class Our English writing will be based on a warning story arc and a wishing story arc, and we will complete non-fiction writing, completing an information text and a persuasive piece. Sandwiched amongst this will be work on poetry! Our Book Club work ties in nicely with our English learning journey, and every week each child will spend a session reading with their teacher, a session answering comprehension questions with the support of their class TA, a session building their vocabulary through directed activities and a session simply reading for pleasure!

Our maths work will focus on place value, rapid recall of addition and subtraction, formal written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, position and money. For every lesson, each child will have individualised targets, and will be supported as appropriate; this approach enables every pupil to make progress and develop their independence and ability to apply their knowledge.

Other areas of study this year include Computing, where we will focus on basic skills in Microsoft Office; creating and editing digital work, and PE, which will include work in the areas of gymnastics and invasion games. Our PSHE and P4C sessions look at resilience, friendship and the wonder of the world around us, and we will all be sharing a class book, reading together at the end of the school day.

We have such a busy term! Check our Facebook page for pictures and updates of our learning.

Spring Term 2019

This term we are taking the children on a learning journey with the Vicious Vikings. This theme runs alongside our school-wide Big Idea., which is 'Power'. We will consider what 'power' is, and why the Vikings were so powerful in their day. We will also think about what made the Romans powerful and whether it was the same thing that helped the Vikings invade and settle in so many countries. The children will place Vikings within the overall history of Britain, and learn about the every day lives of Norsemen. They will question how vicious the Vikings really were and look at the implications of bias, including looking in detail at the Lindisfarne raid. We will explore Viking artefacts and learn about Viking deities and runes. Using their knowledge of Viking coins, they will take part in an art workshop with Mrs Parkes and will re-create their own Viking coin using card and tinfoil. To round off our theme work, we will then look at the power of information, and how this influences the modern world.

For information about all of our other work this term, please see the Spring Term 2019 Curriculum Letter below.

Summer Term 2019

Our 'Big Idea' this term is 'Responsibility & Leadership', so we will be looking at what it means to be responsible, how great leaders take responsibility, and considering all the skills that leading entails. We will be learning about local heroes, such as Edward Wilson and his friend and leader Ernest Shackleton, William Tyndale, Edward Jenner and WG Grace. We will start the term looking at the great Viking Leader, Leif Erikson, who travelled to North America many years before Columbus. We will think about leadership qualities, and link these to theChildren in school Antarctic explorer Shackleton, looking at his great journey, and considering what hardships he faced and what support he needed from his team. We will consider what makes a good team, and how important following is as well as leading. We will think about the Antarctic climate, and link this with changing states experiments, as well as the water cycle, and we will think about the Southern Lights. After Shackleton, we will learn about other local heroes; Tyndale and his translation of the bible (linked to code cracking, Morse code and electrical circuits), and Jenner and his inoculations which will allow us to think about and apply fair testing principles. We will also learn about WG Grace and have a Y4 Cricket Tournament during the term.

In the first half of this term our maths lessons will concentrate on Measure, Fractions & Decimals and formal written methods of subtraction. During the second half of the term we will focus on formal written methods of multiplication and division, Place Value, and a focus on securing written and mental calculation strategies across all four operations.

We will continue to employ a 'Talk for Writing' approach to English; immersing ourselves in text type, imitating it through storymapping, drama and other activities, innovating our own versions of the text, before independently applying our skills in a personal piece of writing. We will start with a 'Quest' story, then continue by looking at persuasion and persuasive letter writing. During the second half of the term, we will look at a 'Lost & Found' story, and revisit some units of work we completed earlier in the year.

Children in schoolWe will continue to use the Reciprocal Reading approach throughout our sessions, encouraging children to predict, clarify, question and summarise as they explore a range of text types. We are lucky enough to have a set of Spheros to code with this term. This will allow us to experiment and learn through physical coding; learning about sequences, loops and algorithmic thinking. We will then be able to apply these principles by creating games and animations, using Scratch. Alongside this, we will be completing 'unplugged' computing sessions, looking at computational thinking concepts such as abstraction and decomposition.

PE sessions will be using the REAL PE scheme, with a focus on building creative skills through physical activity. Our weekly games lessons will cover Striking & Fielding, such as cricket and rounders. We will also be practising our sprinting, throwing, jumping and long distance running for the Quad Kids athletics event.

Our focus in PSHCE lessons is on liberty and financial capability during the first half of the term and tolerance and respect during the second half.



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