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Exclamation mark iconRECEPTION

 RV - Mrs Valente  supported by Mrs Hillyard, Mrs Herd & Miss Sensier (PPA Mrs Burnett)

RL - Miss Clarke supported by Mrs Banfield, Mrs Hillyard & Miss Blakemore (PPA Mrs Burnett)

RP - Mrs Potts supported by Mrs Lewis/Mrs Anderson (PPA Mrs Burnett) 













In the Reception year we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. it is split in to the following areas of learning:-

Image of the Early years Foundation Stage Curriculum Structure

Autumn Term 2018

Our main focus during the first half term is to support the children as they make the transition from pre-school setting to school. Our Reception classes are an exciting environment where children are able to take part in creative, imaginative, physical and investigative activities.

In Literacy sessions we will encourage the development of language skills. This will involve many listening activities and opportunities to speak with increasing confidence in front of others. Once all of the children are in school full time we will introduce the Jolly Phonics scheme which teaches children their letters and sounds for reading and writing.

In Maths we will concentrate on recognising and ordering numbers and counting reliably. We will introduce addition and subtraction, and the children will also learn to name various flat and solid shapes and describe them using everyday language.

This term we will be celebrating several special days from varying cultures and traditions, including Diwali, Remembrance Day, Bonfire Night and, of course, Christmas! We will also be introducing the children to various forms of technology around the classroom, including the class computer and interactive whiteboard, laptops and programmable toys. We will also be  starting 'Forest School' and exploring the outside environment more.

From the very start of term we will encourage the children to express themselves creatively using a variety of media, for example painting, collage, music, song and dance. Specifically we will be creating Bonfire Night pictures, Diwali decorations and Christmas cards among others.

Information about the rest of the curriculum this term can be found in the Autumn Term Curriculum Letter below.

Spring Term 2019

This term we start a new topic which is all about 'Winter Woodlands' and in the second half of the Spring term our topic will be 'Heroes'. Spanning both topics we will be linking the concept of 'Power' into our learning.

In Literacy sessions we will be continuing to encourage the development of many speaking and listening skills. We will be listening to, learning and talking about different stories, as well as sequencing them and acting them out. Some of the texts we will explore are 'The Gruffalo', 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', 'We're going on a Bear Hunt', 'Supertato' and 'Emergency!' We will continue the phonics scheme and begin to learn the 'digraphs' (double letter sounds) such as 'ch', 'sh' and 'th'.

In Maths this term, we will be learning about shapes, addition and subtraction. Place Value (the ordering and recognition of numbers) will also remain as a focus throughout Maths.

We will be using our stories as a focus in supporting our understanding of the world. For example, the forest in the Gruffalo provides great opportunities to explore concepts such as light and dark, day and night; exploring trees and woodland animals. We will also be using our senses to see how the season of Winter changes the environment around us. We will also be looking at the festivities and traditions of Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and Easter.

For further information about our curriculum this term, please see the Spring Term Curriculum letter below.

Summer Term 2019

We will be starting the term by exploring the traditional story of Jack & The Beanstalk. We will also be starting our topic 'In the Garden' and looking at things that grow. Over the summer term, we will go on to learn more about plants, eggs and ducks and lifecycles, minibeasts and other things that grow! 

In Literacy sessions we will be continuing to develop our speaking and listening skills through the use of our Talk 4 Writing programme. This involves discussing the text and learning new vocabulary, creating a story map which we use to learn the story and then writing it. We also play a number of language and vocabulary games and activities based on the texts. Early in the Summer term, we will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk. As well as reading the story, we will plant our own beans, act the story out and write instructions on how to plant a bean plant. We will then move onto the texts 'Farmer Duck', 'Handa's Surprise', 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and the rhyming book 'Each Peach, Pear Plum'. We will also continue the phonics scheme and will be reinforcing our knowledge of all the sounds learnt so far, tricky words and high frequency words. We will be playing phonics games and activities and using our knowledge to write words, captions and sentences.

Our physical development sessions will continue to focus on co-ordination and control. These activities will involve working with and without equipment and will teach the children to use balls, beanbags, cones, the wall bars and apparatus. we will also have Balance-ability sessions on balance bikes where the children will learn how to balance and control the bikes.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development will continue to be a huge focus for us. We will use circle time to talk about ourselves and our friendships and we will also learn about money - it's value, where it comes from and what we do with it. Towards the end of the term, we will begin to discuss the transition into Year 1.

This term we will be re-visiting lots of our previous learning in maths such as addition and subtraction. We will also be revising place value, with numbers to 10, 11-20 and beyond. It is important that the children are able to recognise and order the numbers, as well as having a secure understanding of which number comes before and after (1 more or 1 less).

Understanding of the World will include us studying and observing things that grow, including growing our own beanstalks and sunflowers, observing ducklings hatching from eggs and looking after them in their incubator at school, learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and watching caterpillars turn into butterflies. Through Handa's Surprise we will compare our environment to Handa's in Africa as well as using our senses to explore exotic fruit.

The children will explore their own creativity through design, construction, paint, colour and texture. We will encourage and facilitate role play and small world play linked to our texts, fostering the development of new language and vocabulary. In our music lessons we will continue  to learn songs and experiment with rhythms and instruments through the Charanga music scheme with our music specialist, Mrs Powell.




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