Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy


Meet the team

GLA Trust Pastoral Lead – Miss Sarah Kelly  

Miss Kelly oversees the pastoral provision across all of the GLA schools, to ensure consistency of offer, and equity to all children. 







Pastoral Support – Miss Emily Milisic 


Pastoral Support – Miss Sophie Rosaman 


Pastoral Support – Mrs Denise McKenzie (Thursdays) 


Teddy – BCPA’s school dog!

Teddy is a Cockapoo and his birthday is 22nd January 2018. Teddy is Miss Kelly’s dog and she has had him since February 2021. He is a rescue dog and has found his calling in life as BCPA’s school dog. He provides comfort and therapy to children (and staff!) when they are finding the day overwhelming.

Teddy loves coming to work and supporting everyone at BCPA. When he is not at school, he loves to nap and go for long walks with his dog-sister, Bella the Chihuahua, and his other doggy friends.


For any questions regarding the pastoral provision at BCPA, please contact Miss Kelly at