Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy


Meet the team

Miss Kelly – Pastoral and Behaviour Lead

Miss Kelly is a mum of five children who keep her busy when she’s not at work. Miss Kelly loves to travel and her favourite holiday was Mexico, where she was lucky enough to swim with dolphins!! Miss Kelly has been the Pastoral and Behaviour Lead at BCPA since January 2022 and absolutely loves working with the children, parents and staff. Before this, she worked at our partner school, Rowanfield Junior School for almost 10 years. Miss Kelly is also the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, the BCPA Family Engagement Officer, the BCPA Senior Mental Health Lead and an ACEs ambassador.



Mrs McKenzie – Pastoral and Behaviour Assistant

Mrs Mckenzie lives with Mr Mckenzie, her 10-year-old daughter and her cat Levi. She enjoys Disney, music, gaming and reading. Mrs Mckenzie has been working for BCPA since September 2020. She joined as a Teaching Assistant in upper Key Stage 2. First in Year 5 and then in Year 6. Previously, Mrs Mckenzie worked as a Teaching Assistant for Five Acres Primary School in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Mrs Mckenzie joined the Hive team in February 2022 and enjoys every minute.


Miss Milisic – Pastoral and Behaviour Assistant

Miss Milisic is a mum of two children who like to keep her on her toes. Miss Milisic has been working at BCPA since January 2020 and was working as a Midday Supervisor, since then Miss Milisic has completed a college course and has become a qualified Teaching Assistant and has recently moved on to work in the Pastoral Room. Miss Milisic loves working with children and has worked within childcare roles for the past 8 years including nurseries and preschools. In her own time Miss Milisic likes to spend quality time with her family and friends on days out and going on lovely walks.


Teddy – BCPA’s school dog!

Teddy is a Cockapoo and his birthday is 22nd January 2018. Teddy is Miss Kelly’s dog and she has had him since February 2021. He is a rescue dog and has found his calling in life as BCPA’s school dog. He provides comfort and therapy to children (and staff!) when they are finding the day overwhelming.

Teddy loves coming to work and supporting everyone at BCPA. When he is not at school, he loves to nap and go for long walks with his dog-sister, Bella the Chihuahua, and his other doggy friends.