Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy

Foundation Curriculum

Curriculum Vision 

We intend to provide an ambitious curriculum for all our pupils. 

Our GLA curriculum is a knowledge-connected curriculum, rooted in acquisition of language and development of subject specific vocabulary. It is designed to build schema and cultural capital through providing enriching experiences, the opportunity to build on prior learning and stimulating philosophical discussions to reason, form opinions and develop a deeper appreciation of the world around us. 

Curriculum Drivers  

Our curriculum is led by our curriculum drivers – 



Diversity and Equality 

We want our curriculum to represent the rich breadth of humanity’s creativity and achievements. Throughout our curriculum we celebrate equality and diversity and the significant contributions of a wide range of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Our curriculum aims to prepare children to thrive in a culturally and ethnically diverse modern Britain and develop a respect and appreciation of others. 


We recognise that a knowledge-rich curriculum is also a language-rich curriculum. Therefore, we recognise that developing children’s oracy and deepening their vocabulary are vital aspects of securing understanding.  

Our approach to curriculum –  

Our approach to curriculum development and delivery is informed by current pedagogy. Our curriculum leaders engage with educational research and best practice in order to support strong outcomes for children. Core and foundation subjects are taught discretely in our schools so that children develop a strong understanding of each subject’s specific knowledge and skills. 

Our curriculum is:  

Sequential – concepts are sequenced to ensure they are revisited regularly within and across year groups and key stages. The curriculum reinforces concepts over time. 

Developmental – it carefully considers children’s age and stage and is designed to increase in cognitive complexity as children develop. As children move through our schools they revisit subjects and concepts in greater depth and complexity. 

Interconnected – it makes explicit links between curriculum subjects when these links enhance children’s understanding in order to deepen their knowledge.  


 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement


BCPA Curriculum Overviews

Reception Long Term Overview 2023-24



BCPA MfL overview 23-24

At BCPA, it is our aim to foster a love of language learning in all our children, developing their understanding, curiosity and respect of other languages, cultures and countries. We teach French from Years 1-6, through the use of the Language Angels scheme of work and resources, to ensure we offer a broad range of topics and themes. Language Angels offers activities which are tailored to meet a range of learning needs, through the inclusion of songs, images, and oral and written activities.  

Language Angels follows a systematic approach to the three pillars of language learning: phonics, grammar and vocabulary. Alongside this, we also cover the four key language learning skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, and ensure that all necessary grammar is covered in an age-appropriate way across the primary phase. This enables our children to use and apply their learning in a variety of contexts.  

AT BCPA, our intent is to provide a dynamic programme of study, which excites and inspires the children. We also ensure the progression of language learning is built upon each year, as well as provide ample opportunities to revisit and practice prior vocabulary. We set high expectations of all children and aim to develop a lifelong love of language learning, where children will choose to continue studying languages beyond Primary School. 


RE Curriculum Progression

At BCPA, it is our intent that children will learn about and from a range of religions and world views. Through mutual respect, tolerance of others’ views and exposure to different religious views, pupils will gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the modern world in which they live. Children are provided with enriching opportunities to visit places of worship, and engage with visitors in order to develop a deeper understanding of religions within our community.

Our RE curriculum is designed to engage and enthuse learners whilst nurturing their understanding and awareness of belonging and diversity. RE is an essential area of study which ensures that children are well prepared for life in a world where there are a multitude of viewpoints.  We enable our children to make their own informed decisions and to have the aspiration and confidence to voice their views.  It is a subject for all pupils, whatever their own family background, personal beliefs and practices.


 PSHE Progression Map Overview

At BCPA, we provide all of our children with knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their well-being, health and relationships. This will ensure that they are ready to embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life in modern Britain. It is our intent to provide high quality teaching and learning through a coherently planned curriculum which provides children with enriching opportunities to learn new skills, practise and apply embedded skills and allows children quality time to reflect on what it means to them. We aim to prepare pupils adequately for adult life: its decisions, responsibilities, experiences and opportunities, and to allow pupils to develop fully as emotional mature human beings.

PSHE is a crucial part of a child’s education as it gives children access to critical information about themselves and the many facets of the diverse world around them. Children are encouraged to have high aspirations and respect for themselves and for others, within our local, national and global communities. We aim to enable children to develop a deepening knowledge of their health and wellbeing, including their mental and physical health. Our curriculum aims to equip all children with information, skills and values to understand and to be able to cope with the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty. The information provided is relevant and appropriate to the age and maturity of pupils.


Geography and History overview 2023-24


History Progression Document

History Enquiry Question Overview

Within the GLA trust, Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy aims to provide a history curriculum which develops knowledge through enriching lessons. We believe that all children should have high aspirations gained from inspirational, significant individuals who have impacted history and our lives today.  

Knowledge is rooted through chronological understanding of periodicity. Children will be able to debate the validity of their views with confidence and empathy, by rooting their discussions in sound factual knowledge and key historical vocabulary.  

Through enriching experiences, including the use of increasingly difficult complex secondary sources, the curriculum is designed to build cultural capital and a clear understanding of human experience beyond everyday life. 

Every child at BCPA can draw inspiration from figures throughout our history curriculum and aspire to use their historical understanding to develop their own sense of belonging and a deeper appreciation of the world around them. 


Geography Progression Document

As part of the GLA, Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy strives for a geography curriculum which enthuses pupils through practical and knowledge driven lesson content. The curriculum aims to enable children to use physical and human geographical skills to explore their locality and gain an appreciation of the awe and wonder of the world.  

Teachers are encouraged to provide children with enriching opportunities that enable them to become curious learners. They will do this by taking part in fieldwork; using a range of presenting, reporting and map skills to communicate their findings through geographical vocabulary. The geography curriculum is designed to build on children’s cultural capital, through developing knowledge of different cultures and countries around the world through respectful questioning.  

Aspiration sits at the heart of geography. Children will know the impacts humans can have on the physical world. They will be inspired by significant explorers and campaigners to understand the influence that individuals may have on the planet, both in the present day and the future.


Music curriculum overview 2023-24

BCPA Progression Overview

BCPA Singing Strategy

As part of the GLA, Bishop’s Cleeve Primary academy strives for a music curriculum which is knowledge driven; that enables and inspires children to develop a love of music.

 The music curriculum is designed to have the children explore music through singing, playing instruments and listening to songs they may never have heard before all while providing enriching opportunities so that children are exposed to music beyond their current experiences. This will enable and encourage the children to develop a love for music and performing and become avid musicians, and so increasing their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.

 Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of imagination and creativity.

Art and Design

Art and Design and DT curriculum overview 2023-24

Art progression 2023-24

Year 1 Art and DT skills

Year 2 Art and DT skills

Year 3 Art and DT skills

Year 4 Art and DT skills

Year 5 Art and DT skills

Year 6 Art and DT skills

Our intention at Bishops Cleeve Primary School, is to value Art as an important part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum.  It is our belief that all children should have equal access to the Arts so they may foster a lifelong love and ability to express themselves creatively.

We strive for an art curriculum that equips children with the knowledge and techniques of drawing, painting, printing and sculpture enabling them to confidently experiment, design and create their own works of art.  Pupils have the opportunity to explore a wide range of media in an environment that encourages taking risks. Children learn to use the language of an artist to become effective evaluators and reflective thinkers.

Children at BCPA experience art from different cultures and periods throughout history including modern day and local artists.  We aim to provide pupils with enrichment opportunities; through workshops led by artists, working closely with local businesses on collaborative projects for the community and by maintaining links with the art department at the local secondary school to build on the cultural capital of pupils, enabling them to develop a better understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritages while using subject specific vocabulary to express themselves.

At BCPA we want our children to show aspiration in art.  Staff nurture curiosity, creativity and self-expression alongside resilience, confidence and critical thinking so that pupils understand they are all artists without limitations.

Design and Technology

DT progression 2023-24

At Bishop’s Cleeve Primary School, we strive for a Design Technology curriculum that is inspiring and practical.  It is knowledge driven; drawing on disciplines from other subjects such as mathematics, science, computing and the arts in order to make meaningful links and connections.

We recognise that Design Technology should provide children with a real-life purpose for learning. One which builds on careful consideration of cultural capital.  Through meaningful enrichment opportunities such as workshops at the local secondary school or from visiting specialists along with links forged with other subjects as part of STEM week, they should be inspired by engineers, designers, chefs and architects to create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products which have a real-life purpose. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and think creatively to design, develop and make products that solve problems.  Our children celebrate successes whilst demonstrating an ability to reflect and evaluate their products and those they have studied.

Design Technology should prepare children to deal with tomorrow’s rapidly changing world.  It is our aspiration that children become increasingly confident innovators and resilient risk-takers who over time develop and demonstrate resourceful, entrepreneurial qualities such as working as individuals and as part of a team.  We provide them with the vocabulary associated with the skills and techniques of DT so that they may become increasingly articulate.   They should understand that a career in Technology is possible and that their designs could make a real difference.


See year group pages for individual Critical Pathways and Termly Curriculum Letters for parents