Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is inspired by our vision of a BCPA Learner.

A BCPA Learner enjoys coming to school and embraces new ideas, experiences and challenges in learning and life.

They are at the centre of their own learning and have confidence in their ability, resilience and aspire to achieve well.

They treat others with kindness, have a strong sense of right and wrong and a strong sense of responsibility on their journey to independence

They are inspired to become reflective, critical thinkers who develop curiosity and wonder within the wider world around them.

They have confidence to share their views and are respectful to listen to others. They can logically sequence their knowledge and skills and relish challenge.

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum focuses on doing the basics well, helping children develop their knowledge of Reading, Writing and Maths. We are passionate about providing children with meaningful experiences which help them to link their learning - we love to play! 

This approach to teaching and learning deepens a child's understanding and is heavily influenced by taxonomies of learning, specifically the Bloom's Taxonomy and the SOLO Taxonomy.



At BCPA we use the Talk for Writing approach to teaching English across the Whole School. We have worked closely with Talk for Writing Trainers in recent years to develop an exciting, engaging and excellent learning experience in all areas of English; Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing which allows for children to develop their skills holistically and enjoyably.

Units of work begin with a "hook" to set the learning off and this excites and engages pupils. All classes use story mapping to teach the 'model text' when teaching stories and follow the cycle of Imitation, Innovation and then the opportunity to Independently Apply their new skills. This approach is also used when teaching non fiction units.

Role play, discussion and active learning is encouraged in English and the subject is often linked with curriculum themes, allowing children to make links with their learning and develop their vocabulary.  The practice of Shared Writing is embedded and teachers model writing regularly, asking for the pupil's ideas as they do so.

Writing in English is frequently celebrated through the practice of 'publishing' and this is presented either as a display or in their topic books, or often, both.

We have regular visits from practising Authors to inspire our children in their writing. Our Teachers are really passionate about it too!

Reading & Phonics

We love reading!

At BCPA we foster a culture of Reading for Pleasure. This means that children are encouraged to love books, seek out authors they enjoy, read widely and discuss their reading. To facilitate this we have regular visits to our local library  to borrow books and share them back at school with our friends. We also have regular ‘Book club’ sessions in the classroom using the Reciprocal Reading approach. Each class also share the same story every term called our 'Class Reader'. Each child will have a copy of the book so they can follow alongside their Teacher and engage in the text. 

At BCPA children start to learn phonics once they are settled into the Reception class. We follow the DFE Letters and Sounds guidance alongside the LCP scheme of work with adaptations to suit the needs of our children. We use the Jolly Phonics method of teaching sounds as a multi-sensory approach to our lessons.

Our lessons are lively, engaging and fast paced which we have found to be highly effective in preparing the children. The children are assessed regularly by the Teachers, which enables quality fist teaching. Alongside the daily phonics teaching, we have a wide range of colour banded reading books for children to take home and read with their parents or 1:1 with a teacher or teaching assistant. These books are a mixture of Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Songbirds, Scholastic and Collins Big Cat phonics books and are a range of stories or non fiction texts.

In Reception, the whole class learns together with small groups working with a Teaching Assistant regularly and small groups reading with the Teacher, once they are confident with their sounds. Children learn in Reception how to read with a partner, how to blend their sounds, how to read 'tricky' words and how to 'segment' sounds to write a word. Eventually, through daily modelling, they learn what a sentence is and how to write one. Children in Reception have many opportunities to write, including on the playground in chalk!


A BCPA Mathematician…

  • Loves Maths and is confident with reasoning, problem solving and thinking in different ways.
  • They are able to use different resources to support their learning and show resilience in their approaches.
  • Are able to talk effectively about their Maths and the strategies they have used in their mathematical processes.
  • They recall prior knowledge and use suitable technical vocabulary to articulate their explanations.
  • Be fully equipped for the mathematical challenges of everyday life, preparing them for the world of work and economic awareness.