Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum focuses on doing the basics well, helping children develop their knowledge of Reading, Writing and Maths. We are passionate about providing children with meaningful experiences which help them to link their learning.



As part of the GLA, Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy strives for a writing curriculum which has high aspirations for its children, encouraging them to become fluent, creative and confident writers. They will leave primary school with a love for writing and with the essential skills needed to equip them for later life.

We provide rich opportunities inside and outside the classroom for children to experience the joy of writing, underpinned by our oracy-based learning where all children can become writers through our T4W (talk for writing) scheme. We encourage children to be reflective, motivated and resilient learners. Children are immersed in their learning through exploring an example text-type and learning how to use the skills taught before publishing their independent showcase piece. The writing curriculum is designed to provide enriching opportunities that ignites curiosity for all.

Children will develop a rich knowledge of vocabulary and language so that they can communicate in all areas of the curriculum successfully, whether that be as a scientist, historian or author. 


Our intention at BCPA is to develop confident spellers and broaden children’s vocabulary, using a strategy that compliments the teaching of phonics, through ELS. We provide children with the knowledge they need to embrace spellings and be successful with the spelling pattern being taught. Our enrichment activities support the understanding of etymology, as well as each child being involved in fun and engaging ways to practise their spellings, embedded within the structure of the GLA Spelling Teaching Sequence. We will support children to learn the statutory words and spellings, emphasising to pupils the relationships between sounds and letters and discussing rules and exceptions. Aspiration sits at the centre of our spelling, where we encourage pupils to build links and enhance their learning, by incorporating their acquired spelling skills into all aspects of the curriculum.  At BCPA we understand the importance of teaching spelling as a life-long skill, so children can achieve whatever they desire.

Primary Talk

As part of the GLA, Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy encourages and supports language skills at every opportunity. Children will be provided with additional targeted speech and language support if required, enabling all children to become confident communicators. Knowledge and vocabulary will be explored using increasingly difficult complex communication strategies so that children can share the knowledge they have gained, whilst understanding that mistakes and differing opinions are a part of learning.

Primary Talk is a driver for enriching the curriculum, providing opportunities to work collaboratively to solve problems, present learning, ask questions and disagree respectfully, whilst building cultural capital through social interaction and conversation with those who may have differing experiences.

At BCPA we have the highest aspirations for our children and understand the importance for children to be able to communicate their own aspirations, knowing that reaching their goals can only be achieved through open dialogue and the expression of thoughts with others.


As part of the GLA, Bishop’s Cleeve Primary Academy strives for a reading curriculum which is rooted in the acquisition of language. Children will build on their knowledge of decoding and blending within a progressive programme to become fluent readers who are able to immerse themselves in a wide range of literature. Children will build their knowledge of reading techniques, through increasingly challenging texts, and will apply these skills across the wider curriculum. 

Enriching experiences enable the love of reading to flourish, whilst also stimulating discussions. The books that we read will either expose the children to the world beyond their current experiences, or build upon an experience that they have already had.

Aspiration sits at the heart of the reading curriculum. The children will know that anyone at Bishop’s Cleeve Primary Academy can be a reader and will be supported to succeed. This will be achieved by demonstrating the joy reading can bring and by learning about inspirational authors (past and present) and their influence in our world today. 



GLA maths curriculum overviews

As part of the GLA, Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy strives for a maths curriculum which inspires children to see themselves as fluent mathematicians and adopt life-long skills central to mathematical fluency and mastery.  

Maths teaching and learning shows fidelity to the PowerMaths scheme to build confidence year on year. Lessons are tailored to build upon the children’s prior knowledge and utilise technical vocabulary in every lesson. A deep understanding of the core knowledge and processes required to solve challenging mathematical problems is fostered through using concrete, pictorial and abstract models to explore concepts.

Children will have high aspirations, knowing that maths mastery can be achieved by any child at BCPA and used to support their own personal future goals.  The interconnectedness of concepts of their learning is exemplified in investigations undertaken in STEM subjects. This provides opportunities for children to become curious thinkers, and experience the real-life application of maths through so that they are fully equipped for the mathematical challenges of everyday life. 


GLA Science Curriculum Overview 2023-24

As part of the GLA, Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy strives to provide a Science curriculum that equips children with the knowledge to understand how science plays a vital role in the world around them. We encourage the children to ‘Work like a Scientist’ by teaching them to use skills for working scientifically throughout their time at BCPA.

The science curriculum is designed to build schema and cultural capital through providing enriching opportunities. We encourage teachers to take the children’s learning outdoors and explore connections within the local community.  Through these experiences’ children will become curious learners and use scientific questions to drive different types of enquiry. Lessons will be practical, collaborative and teach children the scientific vocabulary needed to present and report their findings.

Aspiration sits at the heart of the science curriculum. Children will know that there are no limitations to pursuing a career in Science – it can be an ambition for any child at BCPA. This will be achieved by learning about inspirational scientists (past and present) and their influence in our world today.  


BCPA Computing Overview 23-24

As part of the GLA, BCPA strives for a Computing curriculum that develops children’s knowledge and confidence to become young citizens of our digital world.

We aim to educate our pupils in using technology responsibly and safely, alongside what to do should they encounter problems online. We want our pupils to be both creators and consumers so we encompass digital literacy, information technology and computer science in their lessons. Children have opportunities to apply and develop what they have learnt across the wider curriculum.

Our spiral curriculum allows children to build on previous knowledge, while developing and applying newly learnt vocabulary. We also provide enrichment opportunities by using a range of technology and by working in partnership with external stakeholders.

Our intention is to create enthusiastic, digitally literate pupils who show creativity and resilience when faced with challenges, there is no ceiling to their learning. Children will be encouraged to work collaboratively and celebrate their work through a range of media.  

All children can aspire to be the best programmer, the best media creator, the best data analyst. This aspiration will be evident when considering possible career paths that utilise Computing skills; a very wide list within our 21st Century.