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Year 5

Autumn Term

Year 5 marks the move for children from lower to upper Key Stage 2. The essence of this year is to provide the children with many opportunities to gain in independence and to seek out and accept greater responsibility. Our Year 5 children become hot dinner monitors and can learn to be ‘good buddies’ for our younger children. They will participate in peer mediation and will learn many valuable ‘life skills’. During the Summer term of this academic year we will teach Sex Education for the first time. We continue to build upon the curriculum from year 4 and to prepare the children for their final year at Bishop’s Cleeve Primary School in year 6.

This term the children will learn about the creation of the Solar System as well as studying how the position of the Earth in the Solar System creates the phases of the moon. We shall also delve into early space exploration, learning about the Space Race. Later in the term, we shall visit Leicester Space Centre to gain an insight into space exploration and discover how astronauts keep healthy in space. We shall also look into different forces, with a particular focus on gravity. Towards the end of term, we shall make our own rockets from water bottles before launching them on the school field.

In English, many writing opportunities will be created  as the children delve into Herge's TinTin: Destination Moon and write a brochure about their own newly designed planets. We will also learn about Winter Haikus in poetry. We will also cover numerous texts during reciprocal reading as well as poetry and playscripts.

The children will also be enjoying gymnastics, circuits and netball.

During the Autumn term we will be studying many different aspects of maths. These will include arithmetic, place value, rapid recall of addition and subtraction, fractions, rapid recall of multiplication and division and formal written methods of all four functions.

Our computing sessions will focus on Lego Robotics this term.

Miss Hatchell will continue to teach French once a week.

Spring Term

Our topic this term is 'Macbeth - Fair is foul and foul is fair'. We will be taking the children on a journey through history and the children will explore Tudor life as a background to their work on William Shakespeare's famous 'Scottish Play'. We will also consider how the choices of Henry VIII still affect us today and learn about the real Macbeth. The children will work with Mrs Parkes to produce witch puppets as well as design their own Tudor portraits.

ICT skills will cover pivot and stop animation this term, with the children getting the chance to recreate their own scenes from the 'Scottish play'.

In our PE sessions we will learn a traditional Tudor dance as well as developing our tennis skills.

The children will continue to have a French lesson once a week with Miss Hatchell, our language specialist.

During the first half of the term our Maths lessons will focus on place value, time and statistics and the second half of term will look at shape, fractions, decimals, percentages and position.

English lessons will cover a monologue from the point of view of Macbeth, an explanation text for how to spot a witch and converting a play script into a narrative.

We will continue with reciprocal reading in class as well as working on the Shakespeare poem, 'under the Greenwood Tree' and spending time acting different scenes of the Scottish play.

Summer Term

This term the children are going for a walk on the wild side! They will explore subject areas such as orienteering, map-reading, compass making and more as well as debating important themes such as 'should animals be kept in captivity' and 'should Britain have another election'?

In Maths we will cover consolidation of written methods for addition and subtraction, multiplication and bus-stop division and well as reading and interpreting different graphs and tables. After this, we will cover measure and fractions.

In English we will produce a discussion text for whether animals should be kept in captivity and an adventure story about a survival expert.

We will continue to use the reciprocal reading approach throughout our sessions, encouraging children to predict, clarify, question and summarise as they explore a range of text types. In addition, we shall spend time developing the poetry recital and drama skills we developed in the Spring term.

In the Creative arts we will study the work of David Zinn, a fantastic artist who combines his talent for cartoon drawing with the outside environment. We also hope to learn about the art of weaving, creating stuctures in Forest School. In Science, the children will be learning about plants, attempting to grow their own from cuttings with Mrs Sanders.

In ICT we will complete our Spring term work on stop-animation, as well as learning about coding on Scratch.

In PE the children will receive specialist cricket coaching. We will also complete an orienteering circuit of the school grounds.

French lessons will carry on with Miss Hatchell each week this term.


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