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4P - Mrs Phillips supported by Mrs Burlow, Miss Baker & Mrs Anderson

4J - Mr Jones - supported by Mrs Westmore & Mrs Bennett

4B - Miss Bishop - supported by Mrs Brown & Mr Crawforth


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Year 4

Autumn Term 

Our children have now completed their first year in the juniors and have settled in well. In Year 4 we continue to build upon the knowledge and skills they have learnt in previous years. In the Summer term we take the children on their first residential trip to York.

CHILDREN IWTH AN INDIAN UMBRELLAOur topic for the first half of the Autumn Term is 'India'. The children will look at similarities and differences between the UK and India and study Indian culture, geography and society while solving the riddle of the stolen golden statue. Children will 'fly' to India on the BCPA airline, landing in Agra and handling artefacts in the marketplace, before moving on to the majestic Taj Mahal. They will also learn about the Hindu religion and about electrical circuits, all within the context of our India theme. Our learning journey will incorporate a WOW day, with art, dancing, food tasting and a special surprise visitor!

With maths lessons this term Year 4 will learn about arithmetic, number andCHILDREN IWTH INDIAN UMBRELLA place value, rapid recall of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Pupils will also study fractions, decimals and percentages and position as well as covering 'basic skills' within weekly discrete sessions.

In our English learning journeys we will study poetry, the traditional tales of Rudyard Kipling (focusing on the tale of How the Rhino got his skin) and non-chronological reports, initially looking at one about India. These will be linked to Year 4 vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling requirements. Pupils will also have weekly discrete sessions on spelling and will have their spelling lists sent home to practise.

CHILDREN IN FANCY DRESSEach child will take part in weekly Reciprocal Reading lessons, spending one session reading and discussing a text in a group with the class teacher, one session completing a follow up task, one session working on spelling skills using the Spellodrome website and one session reading for pleasure. We encourage children to read as often as possible outside of school, to discuss what they have read with a family member or friend, and to cover a wide range of text types wherever possible to expand their experience.

Our focus during our computing sessions will be on 'basic skills' using Microsoft Office. Children will be able to create, amend and publish documents using Word and PowerPoint, including how to change font style, background and the look of a piece of work. They will be introduced to sensible online searching within our weekly computing lessons, and will be encouraged to apply their skills within other areas of the curriculum when required.

In PE the children will take part in gymnastic lessons, led by Mr Holdaway. WeCHILDREN USING COMPUTER are also fortunate to welcome Cheltenham Town FC this term to carry out weekly football coaching sessions on the field.

Our PSHCE and Circle Time will focus on settling into our new year group and personal resilience. Pupils are introduced to Weebles, which always bounce back, no matter how hard they are knocked! The children will discuss their own personal qualities, and how to develop resiliance. Y4 will also hold regular 'Philosophy for Children' sessions, embedding the principles of listening to, considering and responding to other children's opinions, as well as formulating philosophical questions to discuss as a class.

We will continue to have music lessons with Mrs Powell and Miss Bishop, looking at composition within an Indian context. They will also look at a variety of British Values within lessons on democracy and Tolerance, including holding a real life parliamentary debate on the merits of homework and school uniform!

Spring Term

It's Springtime, and Year 4 have another exciting term ahead! The children recently received an email from Cleeve Town Council, explaining that the refuse site in Stome Orchard may need to be expanded to cope with the extra demand for landfill in the area. We decided that the area would be better used as a local zoo!

The children started the topic by designing their own zoo, before creating PowerPoint presentations to be sent to the town planning department, persuading them to accept the zoo proposal. The classes will then begin to create merchandise to be sold in the gift shop; notably animal fridge magnets! They will continue to explore the animal world, looking at the food chain, animal habitats and animal classification. Children will explore teeth and the digestive system, and will even have the opportunity to sketch real skulls.

Alongside designing a zoo, year 4 will also find a solution to the expansion of landfill by investigating recycling and protecting our environment. They will carry out a school survey based on how much each class recycles; compile and manipulate data; create graphs and charts; write reports - all whilst applying their computing skills.

As well as our busy topic work, year 4 children will continue to engage in daily Maths, English and Reading lessons. Our maths coverage will include Place Value, Time, Money, Fractions, Shape and the Rapid Recall of Addition and Subtraction facts. Our English learning journeys will look at persuasive texts and setting descriptions, using a Talk 4 Writing Approach, supported by discrte spelling and VGPS lessons. Children will explore a variety of text types and genres in their Book Club lessons; reading with a teacher before applying their understanding through comprehension activities.

Pupils will be introduced to repetition and vaiables within our coding sessions: using the Discovery education Coding vehicle and Scratch.

In PSHE, children will cover e-safety, the influence of the media and health and wellbeing, with a focus on risk management, keeping safe and drug awareness.

Our PE sessions will focus on dance and wall and net activities.

Alongside all of this, we will also be preparing for our imminent trip to York.

Summer Term

The Summer term is here! Year 4 will follow on from their incredible trip to York by studying the Vicious Vikings! We will look at who the Vikings were, where they came from and how they lived. The children will study a range of Viking areas, including their longships, their longhouses and their clothing. We will spend time discussing their motivations - why did they fell the need to leave their homeland and explore the world? We will also study their methods of communication; the saga and runes, and some of their most infamous raids, such as the invasion of Lindisfarne. Our unit will continue through Viking art and artefacts, and will include internet research and creating informational presentations on aspects of Viking life.

Alongside our work on the Vikings, children will continue to focus on the core areas; reading, writing and maths. A reciprocal reading carousel will take place daily in class, and children are encouraged to read regularly at home and at any opportunity. We have invested in 'class readers'; multiple copies of a class novel that we can read together. We will also visit the library every other week, allowing children the greatest access to a range of literature as possible.

Our writing will continue to follow a Talk for Writing approach; looking at both narrative through a 'found' story and a recount. Children will study the features of the text, be guided through an innovation process, before being let loose to create their own invented piece of writing. Alongside our English Learning Journey, we will have standalone VGPS lessons in Summer 1, and Choral Speaking sessions in Summer 2.

Within our maths units, children will study measure, statistics, written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, time and money. Each unit will consist of individualised learning journeys following our assessment driven approach to maths teaching. We will also have standalone 'Basic Skills' sessions.

Year 4 will continue to have standalone PE and computing sessions; these will be based on striking and fielding, athletics and orienteering for PE, and coding through the Scratch platform for computing. We will also continue PSHE, British Values and P4C, discussing various topics including liberty, financial capability, community, tolerance and respect.

All of this hard work will go alongside a smorgasbord of events and activities, including Sports Day, the GLA Athletics event, the Choral speaking assembly, a science WOW day, the House Poetry competition, Quad Kids athletics, various sporting events, TriGolf, World Awareness Week, the Matilda production and getting ourselves ready for Year 5! What a busy term we have ahead of us.



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