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4P - Miss Phillips supported by Miss Burlow

4J - Mr Jones - supported by Mrs Westmore

4B - Miss Bishop - supported by Mrs Brown 


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Year 4

Autumn Term 

Our children have now completed their first year in the juniors and have settled in well. In Year 4 we continue to build upon the knowledge and skills they have learnt in previous years. In the Summer term we take the children on their first residential trip to York.

Our topic for the first half of the Autumn Term is 'India'. The children will look at similarities and differences between the UK and India and study Indian culture, geography and cities while solving the riddle of the stolen golden statue. They will also learn about the Hindu religion and about electrical circuits, all within the context of our India theme. Our learning journey will end with a WOW day.

With ADAPT maths lessons this term Year 4 will learn about arithmetic, number and place value, rapid recall of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals and percentages and formal written methods. There will also be weekly 'basic skills' sessions.

In our English learning journeys we will study poetry, traditional Indian stories, character description and non-chronological reports. These will be linked to Year 4 vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling requirements.

Each child will take part in weekly Reciprocal Reading lessons, spending one session reading and discussing a text in a group with the class teacher, one session completing a follow up task, one session working on dictionary skills and one session reading for pleasure.

Our focus during our computing sessions will be on 'basic skills' using Microsoft Office. Children will be able to create, amend and publish documents using Word and PowerPoint, including how to change font style, background and the look of a piece of work. They will be introduced to sensible online searching within our weekly computing lessons.

In PE the children will take part in touch rugby and circuit lessons during the Autumn term twice a week.

Our PSHCE and Circle Time will focus on 'New Beginnings' and 'Getting On & Falling Out'. We will also hold regular 'Philosophy for Children' sessions, looking at the concept of honesty and discussing various scenarios.

We will continue to have music lessons with Mrs Powell and spanish lessons with Miss Hatchell.

Spring Term

Our theme for this term is 'The Zoo'. Bishop's Cleeve Town Planning Department have been in touch - they are planning on extending the tip in Stoke Orchard! It is up to us to convince them to adopt our alternative plan for the land - a new zoo for Bishop's Cleeve!

Within this topic, the children develop geographical, environmental and scientific enquiry skills. They will plan their own zoo and discuss positive reasons for opening a zoo in our local area. they will learn about the habitats different animals live in and how they have adapted to their environments. The children will recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways, that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things. They will also construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey. They will learn about the job of the teeth and how the digestive system works. In addition to this they will learn about how we deal with our rubbish, such as the use of landfill sites, and how to protect our environment, with a focus on the importance of recycling. Finally, we will be learning recycling songs and create artwork using recycled items, as well as producing artwork for the upcoming Curriculum & Art Evening.

The daily maths lessons will be based upon number and place value, time, position and co-ordinates, rapid recall of multiplication and division facts, fractions, decimals and percentages and shape this term.

Our English sessions will include poetry (anti-bullying and ecological awareness), persuasive writing which will link with the topic The Zoo and narrative writing with a focus on speech punctuation.

The children will continue to read each week in class. We will be encouraging them to predict, clarify, question and summarise as they explore a range of text types. We will also focus on vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling in all of our work.

In our computing lessons we will build on our previous understanding of coding using the Espresso Coding website before moving on to Scratch, a coding programme developed by MIT in America. The children will also apply their knowledge of PowerPoint by creating presentations on their zoo proposal and learn how to input and sort data in Excel, as well as produce and export graphs to represent their findings.

PE lessons will include netball and tennis, gymnastics and dance.

Our PSHE sessions this term are 'Say no to bullying' and 'Going for Goals'.

Spanish lessons will continue with Miss Hatchell, our language specialist. They will learn a range of new vocabulary through practical activities and games.

The highlight of this term will be the residential trip to York which takes place during the last week of the Spring term.

Summer Term

This term the children will be taken on a journey with the Vicious Vikings! The children will question how vicious the Vikings really were and look at the implications of bias. They will learn about why the Vikings left their homes, through push and pull factors, and show empathy with the people involved in the Lindisfarne raid. The children will evaluate and reflect upon their experiences in York and identify key questions for further enquiry. They will explore Viking artefacts and a variety of sources to create an interactive display and a group presentation using MS PowerPoint. using their knowledge of Viking coins, they will take part in a drawing workshop with Mrs Parkes and will recreate their own Viking coin using card and tinfoil.

In Maths we will be learning about Measure and Statistics. Our basic skills sessions will consolidate our understanding of angles, 2D and 3D shapes and symmetry. During the second half of the term we will look at Money and written methods of addition, subraction, multiplication and division. Our basic skills sessions will consolidate our understanding of coordinates.

English Unit 1 will be a recount and Unit 2 will be a narrative with a focus on setting descriptions. Reading will continue throughout the term with children reading from a variety of texts. We will also cover the Present perfect tense and refresh our understanding of spelling rules when adding suffixes, direct and reported speech punctuation and fronted adverbials. In the second half of the term we will be taking part in Choral speaking sessions as a class.

In ICT we will continue to develop our coding skills using Espresso Coding and we will apply our skills using Scratch. We will also use cameras to capture images and manipulate them within Picasa before using them in our Viking PowerPoints.

Our PE lessons will look at developing the children's skills in striking and fielding and create a Viking dance. We will also look at a variety of athletic skills in preparation for Sports Day and Quad Kids.

The focus in our PSHE lessons this term is on resilience as well as looking at changes.

Spanish will continue every week with our language specialist, Miss Hatchell.



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