Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy Life at Bishop's Cleeve Primary Academy

Be the best you can be


Y1 Science Wow Day

8 images

The children placed cut flowers into different coloured water and predicted what would happen.......

What have the Romans done for us......?

20 images

In preparation for their trip to Chedworth Roman Villa, class 3OP have been learning about life as a Roman legionary.

Garden Club Summer Harvest

35 images

The children enjoyed picking their bumper harvest ready for the annual picnic.

Y1 Assembly to Parents - Summer 2018

36 images

The children performed a selection of stories, songs and poems they had learnt through the year.

Our Summer fruit and vegetable harvest

17 images

The children have had a wonderful harvest this year.....

Visiting the Sensory Garden

38 images

The children have enjoyed stimulating their senses in the Sensory Garden

Manor Adventure No.4

15 images

And a few more for now.....

Manor Adventure 2018 - No.3

65 images

They just keep coming......

Manor Adventure 2018 - No.2

15 images

And some more.....

Manor Adventure 2018 - No.1

72 images

A selection of photos from this year's trip.....

Wacky Readers Competition 2018

5 images

Well done to everyone who entered our Wacky Readers competition . The judging was tough but here is a gallery of our lucky winners.

Y1 Sports Day Practice 2018

13 images

Y1 children had the chance to practice their sports day skills before the big day!

Change for Life Day

24 images

In June children from Year 3 & 4 were invited to attend a Change for Life day at Hartpury College where they took part in a diverse range of activities from football zorbing to zumba!

BCPA Summer Showcase 2018

54 images

We are delighted to share some photos from our wonderful showcase of music at BCPA - what a talented bunch of children we have here!

Sewing Garden Creatures

48 images

Y3 children have been learning how to sew in order to make creatures to decorate the gardens around school.

The Sensory Garden

6 images

Y3 children have been planting out the clay pots in the Sensory Garden.

Planting the Quiet Area

17 images

Y3 have been busy planting out the Quiet Area

Hungry Caterpillar Garden

21 images

The Y3 children have been planting potatoes, peas, mangetout and herbs in the garden

Y5 Aspirations Day at Kingsholm Rugby Club

59 images

All of the children from Y5 from each GLA school spent a day at Kingsholm Rugby Club as part of our Aspirations Day. They had a fabulous day and learnt a lot from many local business people.

York Trip 2018 - More....

24 images

A further selection of photos from the 2018 York trip.

York Trip 2018 - Day 1

8 images

A small selection of photos - they are all having a lovely time enjoying the sights of York.

Fractions in Year 5

3 images

The children in Y5 have been learning about fractions this term.

3K World Book Day

4 images

3K enjoyed World Book Day 2018

3BG Demonstrate their UNITED skills

20 images

3BG have been learning about bridges in America. Using their knowledge, they worked together in teams to create their own bridge which had to take the weight of a box of cubes. With limited resources to use every team managed to design a bridge that held didn't collapse!

3BG Practice their UNITED skills

8 images

3BG have been working as a team to play the game Leap Frog

Y1 Fun in Forest School - February 2018

12 images

Y1 children spent some time in Forest School in the sunshine

Y5 Forest School in December 2017

31 images

Y5 children have been enjoying time in Forest School

Y5 Music November 2017

24 images

Y5 have been learning about the pulse of songs and then accompanying Living on a Prayer by Jon Bonjovi using tuned instruments

Making Diwali Lamps in Reception

6 images

The children in Reception have been making clay lamps to celebrate Diwali

Acting out the Little Red Hen - 1P

8 images

1P have been reading the story of the Little Red Hen and then having fun acting it out.

Y5 Kinball Fun

33 images

Y5 had a lovely time learning how to play kinball.

Y5 Robotics - November 2017

5 images

Y5 have been enjoying their weekly robotics sessions.

Children in Need 2017

15 images

We had a wonderful day raising money for Children in Need - thanks to your generosity we raised Ł1,121.15 for this worthwhile cause.

Y1 & 2 Jacapella After School Club

11 images

Y1/2 Jacappella group playing simple tunes on the glockenspiels and xylophones, using hand signs to sing at pitch and conduct the group using traffic lights for the play/stop game.


5 images

Chess Club is a really popular lunchtime club at BCPA!

Making Leaf Mould

3 images

The children have been learning about the value of leaf mould in the garden and they have gathered leaves to make their own.

Drawing food that we grow

22 images

The children have been drawing fruit and vegetables to make a gardening display board.

Planting in the Rainbow & Hungry Caterpillar Gardens

24 images

The children have been busy planting flowers in the Rainbow and Hungry Caterpillar Gardens

Taking Cuttings in Autumn 2017

34 images

Y3 have been taking cuttings to grow on to make new plants

2A Enjoy Forest School

20 images

The children have been building dens, finding insects and climbing trees in Forest School

Y4 Travel to India & Explore

19 images

Y4 have been learning all about India

Tour of Britain - September 2017

14 images

Some KS2 children visited the Tour of Britain celebrations in Cheltenham with Mr Moss and Mr Holdaway. They competed against other local schools getting the fastest time of the day.

Y3 Magical Bean Collage

23 images

Y3 have been learning about how plants grow and have created a Magical bean collage.

Y3 Magic Bean Garden

17 images

The children enjoyed working with Mrs Parkes to make the Magic Bean Garden

Minibeast Pots for the Sensory Garden

26 images

The Y3 children have been working with a local potter to design and make some giant clay pots for the sensory garden. Each pot is decorated with clay minibeasts made by the children.

Viking Longship

44 images

Using willow withies we have made a wonderful Viking longship for our Forest School area.

The Importance of Bees

5 images

3OP have been finding out about the importance of bees in the garden.

Taking Cuttings

8 images

The Y3 children have been learning to take cuttings

Sowing Sunflowers 2017

12 images

Y3 children have been planting a variety of sunflower seeds.

Skull Sketching

10 images

4J have spent some time studying and sketching a selection of animal skulls and teeth that were on loan to us from The Wilson Museum in Cheltenham. It was a very interesting afternoon.

Skipping Workshops 2016

34 images

The children from both Key Stages took part in a whole day skipping workshop.

Planting the Rainbow Garden

11 images

The children have been planting multi-coloured tulips and pansies in our Rainbow Garden

Planting Potatoes, Broad Beans & Peas

8 images

The children have been busy planting a selection of vegetables in our gardens.

Planting in the Summer Term 2017

11 images

The children have been busy planting in all of our gardens around the school.

Planting & Sowing in the Quiet Area

7 images

We have been enhancing the quiet area this term.

Placing Signs in the Gardens

10 images

Once designed and made, the signs needed to be placed in the school gardens

October Flowers

18 images

We have been photographing the summer bedding before it fades as winter arrives.

Making 'Watering Cans'

20 images

We have been recycling milk bottles to create colourful 'watering cans' to use in our gardens.

Making our own seed packets

43 images

The children have been designing seed packets for all of the vegetable and flower seeds that were collected last year.

Kinball Fun

13 images

We have been having fun at Cleeve School playing kinball

Hebe Cuttings & Sweet Peas

10 images

The children have been learning to take cuttings and sow Sweet Peas.

Hanging Baskets & Wellies

19 images

A lot of fun (and learning) has been had planting out hanging baskets and welly boot planters.

Garden Club making butterfly-friendly plant signs

24 images

Garden Club have been busy making butterfly-friendly plant signs, planting in the pollinator border and also planting up wellies.

Finding out about pollinating bees

31 images

We have been learning all about the importance of bees in the garden.

Examining Fruit & Vegetables

31 images

The children in Y3 have been investigating fruit and vegetables up close!

The School Gardens - June 2017

35 images

Here we have photos of the flowers and vegetables in the quiet area, Reception garden, pollinator borders, sensory Garden and Hungry Caterpillar garden and also Y3 eating home-grown strawberries for lunch.

Making signs for bee-friendly plants

11 images

We had a lot of fun making our signs....

Signs, Watering Cans & Sunflowers

13 images

Y3 continue to take good care of our school gardens.

Cricket at Woodmancote

24 images

Our cricketers ahve enjoyed some time playing at Woodmancote

Quadkids - May 2017

6 images

Some of our children took part in Quadkids sporting activities

Bloodhound Regional Finals

20 images

Some of our Y5 children took part in the Bloodhound regional finals......

Making Plant Signs

13 images

Class 3OP have been making new plant signs for our gardens.

Cleeve Cluster Hockey Tournament

24 images

The children had a great time at their recent hockey tournament.

Art & Curriculum Evening 2017

19 images

We enjoyed another successful Art & Curriculum evening where every child had the opportunity to display a piece of their artwork in school and parents visited classrooms and took part in a variety of activities.

Cheltenham Town FC (Rob Cruse Cup) Tournament

3 images

BCPA were 4th overall in the tournament - certificates and autographs presented by Cheltenham Town FC captain Aaron Downes.

Sports Hall Athletics

11 images

Some of our sporting superstars enjoyed a variety of sporting activities at Cleeve sports hall.

A day out at Gloucester Rugby Club

9 images

On Saturday 19th November 12 of our Y4/5 children were lucky enough to spend the day at Gloucester Rugby Club. They had a tour, played in a mini tournament and made a guard of honour for the Gloucester players as they ran onto the pitch to play Wasps. An amazing day all round.

B Team Football vs Grangefield

6 images

A selection of photos of our B team playing football against Grangefield School

Cross Country at Cleeve School

6 images

We are very proud of our cross country stars

Celebrating with Cheltenham Town FC

18 images

A representative from Cheltenham Town FC bought the National League trophy into school to show to the children in assembly.

Power2Inspire 1 km Sponsored Run 2016

45 images

The whole school took part in a sponsored run for charity as part of Healthy Living Week.

County Rugby Finals - April 2016

8 images

Well done to all of our pupils who took part in the County Rugby finals at Hartbury.

Visit from Ronaldog!

23 images

We were delighted to have a visit from Cheltenham celebrity Ronaldog!

Flying Squad - Cheltenham Town FC

11 images

Some of our pupils who have represented the school in football matches were invited to form a guard of honour at a recent Cheltenham Town FC match.

Our Village

12 images

Images of some of the beautiful buildings in our village

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