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We are fortunate to have the support of Mrs Sanders to organise all of the gardening activities across the whole school. In addition to her work with all of the year groups, Mrs Sanders also runs a Garden Club for our Year 3 children during the Spring and Summer terms.

We believe that gardening provides us with the opportunity to teach most areas of the National Curriculum outside the classroom. Gardening also provides many other benefits:-

  • children learn better outside
  • an awareness of healthy eating
  • contact with nature
  • support of the sustainable schools initiative
  • local and global learning
  • gardening knowledge
  • contact with the wider community
  • physical exercise
  • social skills
  • improved self confidence

We are fortunate to have many garden areas within the school grounds including the pizza garden, the quiet area, the Y2 patio garden, the reception garden, the Hungry Caterpillar garden and the secluded garden. We are in the process of creating a Sensory Garden too.

We have registered the school with the RHS Campaign for Schools and we will be working our way through the Benchmark Scheme. We have already achieved our Level 2 Award and we are working towards the Level 3 award.

This year we aim to give all of our children some gardening opportunities at some point during the year.

Our learning objectives are:-

Autumn Term

  • How to take cuttings
  • How to plant plants
  • Revision of parts of a plant and their function
  • Revision of what a plant needs for healthy growth
  • Close observation of bulbs and their store of energy
  • How to plant bulbs
  • How to promote beneficial creatures in the garden
  • How to make a pebble hedgehog

Spring Term

  • How to plant seeds in modules
  • Observation of a variety of seeds
  • How to make a seed packet
  • How to make a plant sign
  • How to plant a pumpkin and sunflower seed to take home

Summer Term

  • What happens when a seed germinates?
  • The benefits of growing your own vegetables and fruit
  • What 'air miles' and 'carbon footprint' mean
  • How flowers attract pollinating insects
  • How to name pollinating insects
  • How to name some flowers that are good pollinators
  • How to sow lettuce, carrots, onions, peas, calendulas, sweet peas, cornflowers, nasturtiums and herbs
  • How to make a healthy sandwich

Autumn Term 2016

Our exciting news for Autumn is that we  entered a competition at the Malvern Autumn Show. Photographs of the Year 3 children gardening were on display at the showground and our school gardens were be judged. We  delighted to tell you that we won a gold medal (and we were the only school to do so!). Three children from each Year 4 class (last year's gardeners) were photographed on Friday with the certificate for the Gloucestershire Echo.

With the wet weather recently we have been looking at the seeds, plants and flowers and fruits of various fruits and vegetables. We are making cross-section drawings using pastels and watercolour paints. 

The children have also been busy planting up hanging baskets, planting wellies with violas, learning how to water plants properly and aerating the raised beds.

Over the next few weeks the children in Reception will be planting red tulips in a trench in a large raised bed in their garden area ready for a wonderful springtime display.

The children have been using our school cameras to take photographs of the summer bedding that is still flowering this month. We have also been learning how to take Hebe cuttings as well as sowing sweet peas.

In the Rainbow Garden the children have been working hard planting out multi-coloured tulips and pansies which will look wonderful.

Spring Term 2017

During the Spring Term and the second half of the Summer Term Mrs Sanders will continue to work with the Year 3 classes on Fridays. During this time they will be doing a variety of gardening work in the school gardens.

The arrangement will change during the first half of the Summer Term as Mrs Parkes will also work with the children on a Bean Project. This has been inspired by a meeting that Mrs Sanders had with an artist who worked with children to produce wonderful drawings and paintings of runner bean pods, peas and seeds. In addition, the children designed and made bean scarecrows from mod roc and other materials.

The children will produce drawings and designs for a display and also a long scroll to hang up on a wall in the classroom. The models will be on display in the new vegetable garden in Reception.

This term the children will be learning how to grow plants from seeds. We hope to grow lots of fruit and vegetables to promote healthy eating and an awareness of where food comes from. We shall also grow flowers to attract beneficial insects and to provide food for pollinating insects. These gardening activities will consolidate and expand upon the learning undertaken in the Plants topic of the Autumn term.

All of the children have made hardy annual flower seed packets, using 'bought' packets for inspiration and information. They looked closely at the flower structure and drew it on the packets. We observed the different appearance of seeds, comparing poppy, caldendula, nigella, nasturtium and californian poppy. We used hand lenses to sketch the seed on the front of the packets. The children wrapped the seeds in foil to keep them dry. We revised the needs of plants and the children were taught how 'sowing' the seed meant aerating and watering the soil and sprinkling or placing the seed in a sunny spot, giving them room to grow. The children sowed seeds to take home and grow on.

Class 3OP made a wonderful job of making new signs for all of our gardens.

We have also been making 'watering cans' by recycling milk bottles. The children looked at leaf and flower shapes and gardening items and then used their ideas to decorate the 'watering cans'.

We have also been busy planting potatoes in potato sacks and dwarf broad beans in containers and tall broad beans and peas in raised beds.

Summer Term 2017

During class time in the first half of the summer term the children will have the opportunity to work with Mrs Parkes to create a Giant Bean Collage which will be displayed in the junior building.

Meanwhile, on the gardening side we shall be:

  • sending home flower seeds in modules
  • planting flowers in the Reception Rainbow and Vegetable Garden and the Hungry Caterpillar Garden
  • transplanting vegetable plants into containers
  • enjoying a tour of the sensory garden
  • enjoying the opportunity to eat the produce the children have grown during the annual healthy eating picnic at the end of term

The children have been enjoying working on the magical bean collage with Mrs Parkes and our flower and vegetable growing has gone well too.

Every child in Year 3 has been able to take home four different sunflower seeds to grow on at home. They also planted petunias in the Rainbow Garden.

The children will now be turning their attention to the honey bees. The children are making an 'I feed the bees' sign to attach to a bee-friendly plant that they are going to grow on at home from seed. They also made signs for the Sensory garden bee-friendly plants.

We have been busy recycling plastic milk bottles to make watering cans to use in the gardens too.

The children have all enjoyed finding their own favourite place in the garden to sit and enjoy the space around them.



We are delighted that Gotherington Nurseries and Toddington Garden Centre have offered to support our Garden Club where they can by providing seeds and other resources occasionally. We also hope that they will be able to come into school from time to time to see the results of our gardening efforts.

Gardening Resources

Mrs Sanders would welcome any seeds and cuttings, tubers, grasses or bulbs which will be planted in the school grounds by children from various years during the school day, and Year 3 during Friday Gardening Club.

Mrs Sanders would welcome any kind of donations from the following wish list:-

  • Garden compost
  • Small plant pots (for Summer Fete)
  • Watering cans (any size)
  • Tubs and containers
  • Gloves
  • Aprons (PVC)
  • Seeds
  • Cuttings
  • Tools
  • Canes/Plant sticks

Tesco Vouchers

Thank you to all of our parents who bring in Tesco vouchers each year. We are able to order a huge variety of quality products which include child size trowels, spades, forks, gloves, aprons and wellies. We have also received high quality nesting boxes, insect housing and a tremendous insect study hotel! Please continue to support us each year as it really does make a difference.

Y3 Flowerpot Garden Club

The club is run every Friday during the Summer term from 3.15pm - 4.15pm.

The main aim of the club is to teach gardening skills, and to improve and maintain all of the school gardens.

In the past, the club members have organised plant sales to raise funds for gardening resources and also to fund some resources for winter crafts such as acrylics, foam shapes and garden sticks.




Y3 Magical Bean Collage (23 images)

Y3 have been learning about how plants grow and have created a Magical bean collage.

Created: 19 Jul 17 11:04 | Last modified: 19 Jul 17 11:36

Garden Club making butterfly-friendly plant signs (24 images)

Garden Club have been busy making butterfly-friendly plant signs, planting in the pollinator border and also planting up wellies.

Created: 3 Jul 17 10:25 | Last modified: 3 Jul 17 10:28

The Importance of Bees (5 images)

3OP have been finding out about the importance of bees in the garden.

Created: 3 Jul 17 10:21 | Last modified: 3 Jul 17 10:22

The School Gardens - June 2017 (35 images)

Here we have photos of the flowers and vegetables in the quiet area, Reception garden, pollinator borders, sensory Garden and Hungry Caterpillar garden and also Y3 eating home-grown strawberries for lunch.

Created: 3 Jul 17 10:09 | Last modified: 3 Jul 17 10:20

Making signs for bee-friendly plants (11 images)

We had a lot of fun making our signs....

Created: 21 Jun 17 11:39 | Last modified: 21 Jun 17 11:43

Finding out about pollinating bees (31 images)

We have been learning all about the importance of bees in the garden.

Created: 21 Jun 17 11:35 | Last modified: 21 Jun 17 11:38

Y3 Magic Bean Garden (17 images)

The children enjoyed working with Mrs Parkes to make the Magic Bean Garden

Created: 21 Jun 17 11:31 | Last modified: 21 Jun 17 11:34

Placing Signs in the Gardens (10 images)

Once designed and made, the signs needed to be placed in the school gardens

Created: 21 Jun 17 11:28 | Last modified: 21 Jun 17 11:30

Signs, Watering Cans & Sunflowers (13 images)

Y3 continue to take good care of our school gardens.

Created: 21 Jun 17 11:24 | Last modified: 21 Jun 17 11:27

Planting & Sowing in the Quiet Area (7 images)

We have been enhancing the quiet area this term.

Created: 19 Jun 17 09:48 | Last modified: 19 Jun 17 09:50

Sowing Sunflowers 2017 (12 images)

Y3 children have been planting a variety of sunflower seeds.

Created: 19 Jun 17 09:43 | Last modified: 19 Jun 17 09:45

Planting in the Summer Term 2017 (11 images)

The children have been busy planting in all of our gardens around the school.

Created: 19 Jun 17 09:40 | Last modified: 19 Jun 17 09:42

Making Plant Signs (13 images)

Class 3OP have been making new plant signs for our gardens.

Created: 24 Apr 17 11:51 | Last modified: 24 Apr 17 12:17

Planting Potatoes, Broad Beans & Peas (8 images)

The children have been busy planting a selection of vegetables in our gardens.

Created: 24 Apr 17 11:46 | Last modified: 24 Apr 17 11:47

Making 'Watering Cans' (20 images)

We have been recycling milk bottles to create colourful 'watering cans' to use in our gardens.

Created: 24 Apr 17 11:41 | Last modified: 24 Apr 17 11:44

Making our own seed packets (43 images)

The children have been designing seed packets for all of the vegetable and flower seeds that were collected last year.

Created: 29 Mar 17 08:17 | Last modified: 29 Mar 17 08:31

Planting the Rainbow Garden (11 images)

The children have been planting multi-coloured tulips and pansies in our Rainbow Garden

Created: 2 Nov 16 11:06 | Last modified: 2 Nov 16 11:07

Hebe Cuttings & Sweet Peas (10 images)

The children have been learning to take cuttings and sow Sweet Peas.

Created: 2 Nov 16 11:02 | Last modified: 2 Nov 16 11:03

October Flowers (18 images)

We have been photographing the summer bedding before it fades as winter arrives.

Created: 2 Nov 16 10:57 | Last modified: 2 Nov 16 11:00

Hanging Baskets & Wellies (19 images)

A lot of fun (and learning) has been had planting out hanging baskets and welly boot planters.

Created: 19 Oct 16 09:37 | Last modified: 19 Oct 16 09:39

Examining Fruit & Vegetables (31 images)

The children in Y3 have been investigating fruit and vegetables up close!

Created: 19 Oct 16 09:33 | Last modified: 19 Oct 16 09:36

Taking Cuttings (8 images)

The Y3 children have been learning to take cuttings

Created: 19 Oct 16 09:25 | Last modified: 19 Oct 16 09:30

Autumn Gardening Activities (19 images)

We have already been getting busy in the school gardens this Autumn.

Created: 4 Oct 16 11:34 | Last modified: 4 Oct 16 11:37


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